Medifast Substitutes Are Excellent

Medifast Substitutes Are Excellent

Medifast has been around since 1980 and has made a name for it. Medifast substitutes are meals which are nutritious while helping a person to reduce. The medifast program for losing weight consists of nutritious; portion controlled, low fat and less calorie meals which should be eaten several times a day at specific intervals. If you decide to adopt the medifast substitute meal program, you should do justice to it and obey the rules religiously. You should not skip a meal. Even if you are not feeling hungry you should not skip it as it has been planned on giving you a proper balanced diet and if you do not eat a meal you will be the loser.

It is wise to keep a diary so that you do not forget when to eat. Along with the diet control you should also exercise. Medifast substitutes consist of many recipes and you can find out more if you log on to the website and find out. Most of the medifast recipes are made by professionals but there are some which are created by medifast enthusiasts who have experimented and devised new ones. Medifast meals are versatile. Every new recipe can be healthier and better than the others.

While being on a medifast diet, imbibe lots of water. If you do not like to drink water you can have herbal tea and coffee and sugar free drinks also. Beginning a medifast diet means that you will be changing your entire eating style. Medifast meals take over the whole eating routine. You should have six or seven meals at regular intervals. They are healthier, better tasting ones with less calories and more nutrition.

There are over seventy medifast substitute recipes which range from simple snacks to puddings. Medifast bars and shakes come in variety of flavors which you will like. Eggs, oatmeal, latte, cappuccino and many others are included but you have to follow the instructions carefully if you want to lose weight and make your diet a success.

Medifast puddings are great and specially made for desert lovers. Each serving of medifast pudding consists of only 110 calories. It contains whey and is low in lactose and safe for everyone including vegetarians. Medifast puddings come in three flavors-chocolate, vanilla and banana. The Medifast soy crisps are low calorie, low fat substitutes for junk food. The three flavors- white cheddar, ranch and apple are good for the body.

Medifast substitutes ‘full fast’ program consists of only shakes and supplements. You can have five or six shakes along with medifast supplements like soups, bars or cocoa. You can make a shake by adding the medifast mixture to eight ounces of water and ice and whisking them to form a smooth shake. You can make a soup by using warm, not hot, water. Medifast soups are creamy and tasty. If you want to go in for a ‘fortified fast’ you can have one lean and green meal a day along with the medifast shakes and supplements. Lean and green meals include lean protein cooked without fat or sauces and plenty of fresh salads.